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Trikuti Mandal

Above Trikuti Mandal is the place of Shunay Mandal. There are Indralok, Varunlok, Kuberlok, Parilok, Gandharvalok, Arunlok etc. in the void circle where there are innumerable flower gardens. In this, there is a unique fragrant flower garden in Arunlok, at the door of which is guarded by Mahabali Hanuman. That Phulwari is reserved by Mahavir ji for Lord Ram.

The seeker who has sense of unique fragrance in meditation should understand that our light has reached the flower garden of Arunlok. It is not possible for a new seeker to enter inside Phulwari himself, it is possible to go inside when the Guru goes there.

Many beautiful young men and women, saints, yogis etc. will meet the seeker on the way in this Shoonya Mandal, but looking at them one has to keep moving forward, do not stop anywhere

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