Chanting of Pranav

Estimation of Time by Counting Numbers in Chanting of Pranav

This method of chanting Om, with the help of meditative electricity (energy), include the mind and all its instincts and the divine powers of sense organs, etc. in Ekadesh, and in the same place chanting Om with your mind and soul in God with a silent attitude. T

hen Sangopang chanting is complete. Wherever Dharna is done, chanting is done with this method everywhere.

As long as one second is spent when Om is said, it is estimated that it takes one minute to chant Om 60 times in a row. After the maturity of the third dharna of Nasikagrawali of the first Pranayama, when the Pranavayu starts coming out, then the Prana goes inside quickly due to panic.

The practice of keeping it outside the nostrils for a longer time should be gradually increased until it can chant Om 500 times. as long as you can hold

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