kundalini shakti meditation in Delhi NCR

Importance of Meditation

It is a matter to be understood carefully that just as the combination of fire and fuel results in the light of the burning quality of fire and the generation of smoke etc., in the same way, with the combination of the soul and the body born of nature, all the auspiciousness is achieved by the individual power of the soul. Effort emerges from the light of the senses.. otherwise it is impossible to have only effort.. but.. Due to ignorance, the soul, under the influence of conscience and senses, is caught in the middle of many traps, forms of many thoughts and choices.

By doing unrighteous efforts through mental and physical senses and being disturbed by various doubts, it remains confused in the cycle of attempts. .. After getting rid of this round-the-world flow completely through meditation, when the said soul has love in the Supreme Soul, then yoga is attained.. It is proved from this statement that meditation is the main means of attaining the knowledge of God and the attainment of salvation.

It is a rule that meditation cannot be done without an object.. Therefore, in Dhyan Yoga, the objects of the object are taken in this order that the first five pranas.. Second Dashendriyagan.. Third mind.. Fourth Antkaran-Chatushtaya etc. from gross to gross substances to subtle subtle substances should be gained in such a way that by continuously practicing for some time and for some time, one should get knowledge of each substance separately.

Knowing a substance.. After getting the knowledge of these substances as it is, the soul also thinks about the Supreme Soul.. because the Supreme Soul is also the knowledge of the knowledge..

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